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New Morse2 Button Shipping

After revisions in design the new Morse2 buttons (codename 'Lewis') is shipping. it uses a newer IoT Wifi processor and provides a quicker logon to the networkThe 6 buttons offer a better indication in low light, and can be controlled to provide millions of colours and animated effects like pulsing and rotating


Superyacht Group

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We caught up with Will Mathieson about the threat of vulnerable on-board crew radio and how attackers can quite literally ‘tune in’ if networks aren’t up to date. 

Read more here: https://www.superyachtnews.com/technology/bulletproof-technology


TETRA Location Tracking

Our cState solution with Motorola Dimetra Express TETRA allows efficient tracking of Superyacht handsets without impacting on the voice calls: See the Instagram Post:   https://www.instagram.com/p/CHfJH_thfBz/


Digital mobile radio: securing comms in the yachting industry

Do you know how easy it is to eavesdrop analogue crew comms? With a $40 scanner all your crew radio communications could be overheard.

You will use a radio system as part of your communications while working aboard, it is fairly likely you want to know where The Boss is or members of your crew are at any given time. But do you want others to know all your movements?

Analogue radio systems - which usually account for the standard walkie talkies we see commonly used by crew, the security and live event sectors - have served us well for decades. But despite their trusty and functional nature, remain a massive security risk when it is important to keep communications private.

Owners of superyachts certainly come under the category of individuals that are concerned about their privacy, and for this reason, the installation of an analogue crew communication system might turn out to be a risky one. Through an analogue system, speech is transmitted into the air, and anyone can listen to it with inexpensive off-the-shelf scanning equipment.

Luckily, we have reached the digital age of encryption, which means that information sensitive industries have no excuse for getting careless with their location and information.

Thanks to digital mobile radio, security breaches are less of a concern, with a 10 digit AES encryption code acting as a protector for the system, in the same way that WiFi networks are now far more secure than they were a decade ago.

For organisations that wish to have the peace of mind that comes with further security layers, military grade security can be put in place, safeguarding information and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.

Rather than just an extra security layer, digital presents many more opportunities than analogue when it comes to putting the power in the hands of the organisation that operates the system. From an alarm and monitoring interface to radio-to-radio group calling, there are now possibilities that go way beyond the realms of what analogue could offer, and there are many industries, including yachting, that will be all the better for it.

Analogue radio systems have served us well for years, but we have reached the Digital age and it's time to upgrade our beloved walkie talkies - contact Channel 28 to find out more.


The latest superyacht news

As maritime telecommunications systems advance and are switched from analogue to digital, cases of misuse are on the rise. Just recently, a superyacht in Barcelona was tracked down with having an illegal radio frequency, which caused disruption to the local rail network. This calls for ensuring radio systems are fitted with legal frequencies, and is just one of many important tips that every vessel owner and yacht engineer should follow.

Currently, one of the hottest topics in the world of superyachts is the awe-inspiring aluminium and reinforced steel Black Swan. This 70-metre, four-engine beauty has a top cruising speed of 28 knots, with a 183,000 litre fuel capacity. Timur Bozca designed this concept yacht using the image of an arrow as inspiration. He ensured a distinctive look by creating an aerodynamic exterior, using dramatic angles, curves and simple lines for an elegant finish. As well as state-of-the-art technology, the Black Swan comes with helipad, hidden balconies, a multi-level pool and sun decks.

The Black Swan isn't the only innovation hitting the headlines. After much research, the Hull Vane is finding its place in the superyacht industry, with more vessels taking advantage of the benefits this fixed stern foil brings. Fuel, energy and cost savings are just some of the plus points, with the Hull Vane capable of reducing pitching, rolling and resistance, improving stability and increasing efficiency.

If you want to discover the latest technological developments in the superyacht industry, SuperyachtDESIGN Week 2016 takes place from 28-30 June in Chelsea Harbour. This year, there's expected to be interest surrounding innovative flat panel antennas, the capabilities of domeless designs and other new technologies. Finally, if you're attending the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show on 28 September, be sure to welcome home a team of cyclists following a 10-day ride from London. Blue Marine Foundation and Winch Design have collaborated for the event, to raise awareness of marine issues, and to mark 30 years of business for Winch Design.

Channel 28 is at the forefront of the latest superyacht news and technical solutions, so get in touch if you need any assistance.


Channel 28 at Monaco Yacht Show

Visit us this week at the ACREW Lounge, La Rascasse

Throughout Monaco Yacht Show, the Channel 28 team will be at the show and on hand to discuss all of your secure yacht communication needs.  Please get in touch to make an appointment or drop in and see us at the ACREW Lounge, La Rascasse


New C-Comm Solutions for Extended User Features

Channel 28 has launched two new C-Comm solutions designed to add additional user features including extended channel access and integration to the on board phone system. With the C-Comm Extended Channel Access solution, you can increase the number of calls which can be made simultaneously. It enables multiple repeaters to be added to the system which in turn extends the number of calls which can be made at the same time. The more repeaters added, the more channels and therefore eliminates the risk of 'channel busy', a frustration often common to larger crews and vessels using DMR.  Our C-Comm SIP / Phone interface solution enables you to use your radio handsets as an extension to the on board phone system. C-Comm handsets and repeaters integrate with SIP communication protocols to allow voice calls to be made and received using the the radio handsets.  The solution features radio groups to be set up as phone extensions meaning a preset group of crew, for example all engineers, can now be paged to the radios via the phone system. 


C-Comm Bluetooth headsets a success with Crew

Following the recent launch of the C-Comm accessories range, the Bluetooth headset has proved to a bestseller. It is discreet, lightweight, comfortable and rechargeable, plus it comes complete with charging holder with PTT. In fact, we have recently supplied a number of this popular accessory in a custom painted flesh colour for the optimal discreet finish. But don't just take our word for it. We are always delighted to receive customer feedback and find out more about how our products and solutions are received on board.    "We have recently had a C-Comm system installed on board and we use many of the radios together with the Bluetooth headsets.  Across the entire boat, the crew have been very happy with the quality, ease of use and comfort of these headsets.  A great system with great products ensuring our communications run smoothly."   ETO, 75m Motor Yacht, May 2015